Disney Pixar Tag

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I’ve recently been reading lots of Disney blogs and spotted these tags. I’ve never bothered with doing these sort of things much before because I thought they were only for videos (side note: maybe I should start doing Disney videos – would anyone be interested? I have just got a super cheap version of a Go Pro and we do maybe have a plan for WDW in 2017 that would be AWESOME on camera!). Anyway, I thought I’d get involved with some of the tags, and first up I’m going for the Disney Pixar tag. I came across it on Scariel’s Grotto and also spotted that Tea Is A Wish Your Heart Makes has done it too – let me know if you have as well so I can have a read, or feel free to fill this in yourself too!
I’m worried I’ll be terrible at this as I hate choosing favourites and least favourites, so it’s really hard! I want to start every answer with “This is a tough one!” so just assume that’s included in all of them 😉 I’ll do my best though – here we go:

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A few of my favourite Hidden Mickeys


What are Hidden Mickeys and where to find Hidden Mickeys

One of my absolute favourite things about Disney World is the hidden details – the things that an average person might walk straight past and not notice on the way to jump onto a ride, but that a real Disney enthusiast lives for. These are the things that make up that Disney atmosphere that we crave – such as the fact that you won’t find any chewing gum in the parks or that you’ll never spot a character out of place as they travel secretly “backstage”.
But one of the real treats of visiting the Disney parks is searching out Hidden Mickeys. You might ask:

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Disney’s latest live-action film announcement: Rose Red

Snow White 1937 Poster

The classic retelling of fairytales are the essence of the Disney we all know and love – most of our favourite Walt Disney movies that are loved and watched around the world come from popular folklore and traditional tales told by the Brothers Grimm or Hans Christian Anderson. Sleeping Beauty, Cinderella and Pinocchio are all early examples of this, and more modern fairytale classics include Tangled (based on Rapunzel) and Frozen (based around The Snow Queen).

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