Walt Disney World Trip 2017

Magic Kingdom family portrait

I have a super amazing surprise for you all – we have a Walt Disney World trip booked now for May 2017!!

The plan has been in the works for a few months. Our last trip to WDW was in 2014, and before that was 2011, so it was only fitting that 2017 be our next one. When we were younger, the trips used to be every 2 years, although there may have been a couple in there in consecutive years too 😀
The reason this plan has been in the works so long though is a very exciting one. I have two cousins on my dad’s side who are a lot younger, ie. they’re currently 5 and nearly 3. When my sister and I were a similar age, we went on our first ever Disney trip along with our grandparents. So now Mollie and Eva have reached that age, my grandparents want a family trip with them too, and of course we weren’t going to turn down a Disney opportunity!

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