5 Things You Need for a Walt Disney World Trip

I like to think of myself as somewhat of a seasoned Disney traveller. I’ve visited the parks more times than I can count and had (I think!) 12 Disney holidays in my life. And over this time I’ve figured a few things that are a necessity for your days in the parks. I’m sure there will be plenty of others too, and I’d love to hear your thoughts on what you need in the parks, but here are my musts when visiting WDW – mostly related to two main things: being outside and moving around a lot.

Water Bottle

disney water


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Hidden Disney Gem: Disney’s BoardWalk

As I’m sure any seasoned Disney fan knows, there are plenty of things you can do at WDW where you don’t necessarily need to spend money, or at least, plenty of Disney themed things you can do without an entry ticket. Visiting the hotels is big one of these, but there are several others too such as Celebration, Disney’s own town, which I’ll post about at some point, and the one I’m talking about today: Disney’s BoardWalk.

Disney's Boardwalk review

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15 Disney Items from Hot Topic: Wishlist

Hot Topic is a shop that I used to hurry past when we visited America when I was younger. It just seemed like one of those really cool “teen” shops that was slightly goth, slightly hardcore and just a little bit scary. When I got older though, I realised the awesomeness it held within, from Harry Potter T shirts to Disney bikinis, everything in between and far more.

Nowadays, I’m not so scared to go in – in fact, my sister and I take advantage of our trips to America to stock up on Hot Topic purchases nowadays. And in the meantime, I spend a lot of time doing exactly this – browsing the website and creating wishlists of items I would buy from Hot Topic were it only a little closer and UK deliveries didn’t incur such massive fees!

This is my pick of my current favourites off the site – a mixture of various Disney styles, eras, colours and prints, with everything from simple dresses and tops to homeware and shoes. There’s a bit of theme I’m sensing here with the majority of my items picked being Peter Pan, classic Disney and a few newer Pixar ones, but definitely an overwhelming Peter Pan thing going on here – not sure why as it wasn’t ever my favourite film and I’ve barely watched it, but I think it’s one where the story behind it just sticks with you and has such a classic Disney-ness to it.

disney hot topic
2. Lilo & Stitch Hawaiian Dress – perfect for an evening at Ohana (we visited 2 years ago, may post on it soon!)
3. Mickey Mouse Lace Up Sneakers – can’t go wrong with classic Mickey
4. Beauty & the Beast Wall Art – one day my sewing room will be entirely Disney themed
8. Beauty & the Beast Teapot – just because
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