Disney Pixar Tag: My Sister

Beth - Disneyland Paris

So my sister is just as much of a Disney addict as me – that’s her there above. When I started up this blog, I had intentions of getting the whole family involved but thought that they probably wouldn’t do – I can barely tie them down to get photos of my outfits for my other blog! But Beth surprised me by reading my Disney Pixar Tag and deciding to answer the questions herself 😀 I’ve got to say, I’m much more impressed by her answers than mine as they’re far more creative – she always was the creative one in the family. So I’m publishing her answers as well now so you can get an introduction to another Disney obsessed family member – here’s to getting more to of them on the blog!

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Disney Eras Tag: The Golden Era (Part 1)

Disney's Golden Era TagThis is an awesome tag started by Scariel’s Grotto that I decided I just had to complete – even if it is a long one that takes up several posts. It passes through all the eras of Disney (read about these here if you’re unfamiliar) from the Golden Age beginning with Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs and ending with right now, the Revival Era starting in 2010.
Today’s post is all about the Golden Age – the era home to the following films:

And here we go with the questions! I’ve seen The Neverland Mermaid has also completed these too, so take a look at her post too and some others here 🙂

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Disney Pixar Tag

pixar lamp gif

I’ve recently been reading lots of Disney blogs and spotted these tags. I’ve never bothered with doing these sort of things much before because I thought they were only for videos (side note: maybe I should start doing Disney videos – would anyone be interested? I have just got a super cheap version of a Go Pro and we do maybe have a plan for WDW in 2017 that would be AWESOME on camera!). Anyway, I thought I’d get involved with some of the tags, and first up I’m going for the Disney Pixar tag. I came across it on Scariel’s Grotto and also spotted that Tea Is A Wish Your Heart Makes has done it too – let me know if you have as well so I can have a read, or feel free to fill this in yourself too!
I’m worried I’ll be terrible at this as I hate choosing favourites and least favourites, so it’s really hard! I want to start every answer with “This is a tough one!” so just assume that’s included in all of them 😉 I’ll do my best though – here we go:

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My Disney Confessions

I have a confession: I love reading Disney blogs. Okay, that’s not a great confession, is it?! But I recently read Amy’s Disney Confessions post at Cocktails in Teacups, then I spotted lots of other Disney bloggers doing the same (I think it started at Belle’s Moments?) so I thought I’d get involved too.

Cinderella Castle 1997 - 25 Year Celebration

I LOVED the 25th Anniversary Celebration version of Cinderella Castle as a birthday cake

It was my first visit to Disney World, when I was 6 in 1997, and I thought it was how the Castle always looked. I was very disappointed to find out that wasn’t so on our next visit!

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