Epcot: Photo Diary

Spaceship Earth Flower & Garden Festival - Epcot

Our next Disney day in WDW May 2017 was Epcot. Epcot is a hugely nostalgic park for me as it’s one that I remember the most from when I went for the first time when I was 6. It’s funny how children’s memories work because you’d think that Magic Kingdom would be the one I’d remember most, being the most child-friendly and oh-so-Disney-magic-esque, but it’s actually the magic fairy lights in the ground, Ellen’s dinosaurs and the giant ball of Spaceship Earth (that I thought was just “Epcot” when I was little) that stick in my mind. While I could never choose a favourite park, I have to admit that Epcot is the first one that comes to mind, before I start arguing with myself!

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Magic Kingdom: Photo Diary & Video

Entrance to Magic Kingdom

I’m finally getting round to sharing my Disney photos and videos! The last thing I mentioned about Disney was that sadly my grandparents, uncle, aunt and cousins couldn’t come with us. In the end, it was just my family plus Ben and our family friends, Peter and Christine, who managed to make the trip to Florida. We definitely missed the ones who couldn’t be there, but we still had a lot of fun. So much fun in fact that I have far too many photos and videos to share!

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Some Sad Disney News

Beauty and the Beast falling rose

I’ve been putting off and putting off writing on this blog for a little while, so I wanted to come in with an explanation before I jump straight back into posting again. I have a million ideas for posts, plus our trip to WDW is in less than a month now (all the Fastpasses are booked, so watch out for a post on that), but I have some sad Disney-related news about our trip.

The trip has been booked for over a year now and I’d posted about how excited I was and joked about how basically half of Yorkshire was coming with us as family members and family friends had booked up at the same time so we could all experience it together with my young cousins. But here comes the sad news: nearly half of them can no longer make the trip and are in the process of cancelling it all due to unexpected health reasons. It means that my grandparents, uncle, aunt and cousins will no longer be coming to Florida with us.

So it’s been really hard to talk about it during this period of uncertainty over who will be there and who won’t, and it’s still just as hard because I feel bad to share my excitement when the people I was looking forward to sharing it with won’t be there. I’ll still experience Disney through First-Timer’s eyes (which I’d posted about being super excited for) as our family friends have never been, but I won’t see it through a child’s eyes as Mollie and Eva won’t be there. We won’t get to experience their excitement and share it with them.

My first trip to Disney was my family, including my grandparents. And it’s these same grandparents who now wanted to visit with our younger cousins so they can have that same trip with them. It’s really sad that they won’t get to have this experience now, although fingers crossed that they may be able to in future – at least Disneyland Paris if not Disneyworld.

So I’m sure you can understand why it’s been so difficult to talk about. I’m still super excited about Disney – I swear I get more excited the older I get! Yet it’s bittersweet as it’s not the way we expected it to be. We’ll still have the best time, but there will always be that back-of-the-mind sadness that we’re not sharing it with the people who were supposed to be there. I’m still hoping for another trip in future, but it’s difficult to say at this stage. I will of course be posting plenty about the trip afterwards and I’m hoping to take photos-galore from it for future blog posts (as strangely enough, I’m lacking in images for the blog that don’t have lots of people in them!), so I’m looking forward to sharing that afterwards too.

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WDW Trip 2017: What I’m Most Excited About

So you all know how excited I am about our next trip to Walt Disney World in 2017. If you don’t know, where have you been?! But seriously, is it just me or do we get more and more excited about Disney as we get older? There’s just something about the nostalgia of it all, being back in my favourite place in the world and the anticipation of it all. I’d love to live in Florida (the partner says we can’t because…cats…I say they would like Florida) but then again, would it diminish the Disney magic? I don’t know. But I do know that I’m excited about these things for our next trip:

Seeing Disney Springs

Disney Springs construction walls

Last time we went to WDW, Disney Springs was still Downtown Disney, although a few construction walls (pictured above, I actually loved these!) were up at the time (and they’re now coming down!). We’ve always loved visiting there for a bit of downtime Disney, like the first day of the holiday or killing time before going home, so I can’t wait to see its new incarnation as Disney Springs.

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